freelancing lessons: watch scope creep like a hawk

Freelancing Lessons Learned After Eight Months

Last September I decided to take the leap into freelance web development full time. I’ve learned several valuable lessons since then, and I’m sure I will learn more. There have been high points, low points, laid back times, and incredibly stressful times. My wife and I are having a baby May 27 June 1 and I’ll […]

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SSD iMac Install, Part 2: Triumph

Last time we ended the post with a general supply list of needed items for a SSD iMac Install. If you need a refresher check out Part 1 here. I ended up having a little down time today and decided to dive in to getting my shiny new 500GB Samsung EVO SSD put where it belongs: […]

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Add a SSD to a 2010 27″ iMac: Part 1, You Can Do It!

The El Capitan Nightmare A few weeks ago I found myself pretty stoked because Apple’s new OS, El Capitan, had been released. I rushed home from work one day and began the install on my 2010 27-inch iMac. What followed was not pretty. My iMac’s original HDD wasn’t having it. The progress bar would stay stuck […]

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